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Woodbridge Farm is a project of love and restoration, honoring Peter's family roots and lifelong love of farming, plants and beauty.

One of the biggest hurdles facing Woodbridge Farm is financing the clean-up of the property to prepare it for farming. Decades of gathered debris are waiting to be hauled off the farm and Peter has been the sole person working and cleaning the land.  It’s a massive job but since his injury earlier this Summer, he has not been able to do any other work that might provide an income and there are also holdups with his L&I support. That’s why Peter Mustin and his team are asking for your continued support in making Woodbridge Farm a reality.

For those of you who contributed to Peter’s GoFundMe after his life-threatening injury, thank you! Those funds were used not only to assist Peter as he healed, but also to cover the cost of repairs to Woodbridge’s namesake, the wooden bridge crossing Chimacum Creek and main access road to the farm. Without your support his recovery would have been much more difficult and this bridge repair could not have happened!

The next phase on our journey to making Woodbridge Farm a reality involves continuing cleaning up the land, hauling away the garbage and scrap, putting in irrigation, creating housing for animals, field preparation, and purchasing the equipment and tools needed to complete these projects. All of the funds from this campaign will go towards making the farm ready.

We wholeheartedly believe Woodbridge Farm will become a center for vibrant community life and healing once we are up and running. As a way to keep people connected with our story, we are documenting the process of growth and transformation from beginning to end. This video is part of the early stages of that documentation (with a shout out of gratitude to Gabe Van Lelyveld of Whaleheart Production) and we hope you continue to stay connected with us as this dream unfolds. Thank you for all the support and we look forward to what the future holds. Someday we hope to welcome you all to the farm in person and express our gratitude in person. For now,  if you’d like to stay in touch, please feel free to follow us on Instagram @Woodbridgefarm.

To learn more about Peter’s vision of Woodbridge Farm and the challenges we are working to overcome, we invite you to view the campaign video. Please share with others who may be inspired to support this vision of a thriving farm, healing community space and Black-owned land project!

Peace & Blessings,

Peter Mustin & the Woodbridge Farm Team 

Please find the Go Fund Me below:

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